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Martin Bailey Speaks to BBC Radio Newcastle

Martin Bailey has been a great friend to the Striker Boy campaign. Martin was instrumental in the success of #EduFootyAid, and thanks to his single-handed efforts, the Striker Boy message has been spread right across the North East.

Part of the reason our message resonated so profoundly with Martin is that he has his own experience with mental health issues. As a natural evolution of supporting the campaign he has increasingly begun to share his own story publicly. It is a harrowing story but also one of incredible hope as, almost 10 years after contemplating suicide, Martin is not only surviving but thriving.


Martin was recently invited to tell his story on BBC Radio Newcastle and we would like to thank host Lisa Shaw for her kindness and compassion. You can listen to Martin’s interview in-full below.

If you are a teacher who has ever felt close to ‘burning out’ then no-doubt aspects of Martins story will feel familiar. Tragically, the suicide rate amongst primary school teachers is significantly higher than the national average and thousands of teachers are leaving the profession each year.


However, there is hope and there is support. As well as the Samaritans 24/7 hotline (116 123), the Education Support Partnership charity provides mental health support specifically for teachers. You can contact the Education Support Partnership for free on 08000 563 561.