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Striker Boy is a page turning thriller that will have children gripped from start to finish.

The book is supported by a range of free teacher resources  making it ideal for schools.

Whilst the football theme is sure to appeal to many reluctant readers, the plot of Striker Boy is much more embedded in the action that takes place off the pitch, making it suitable for all boys and girls in upper KS2, even those that don’t like football!

This special not-for-profit edition is being published in memory of it’s author and to raise money for Mind. Please note the book’s content is not related to mental health.

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free downloadable packs for the Key Stage 2 classroom

Pack 1: Literacy Resources 

Bring Striker Boy to life in your classroom with these ready-to-go resources.


Diary Writing Competition

Take part in our national writing competition and win £100 in book vouchers for the school!

Diary Writing Planner

A structured guide to help children write an engaging diary entry for the competition.

Performance Planner

Use this resource to plan, rehearse and perform an event within the book.

Building a Picture

Use this resource to get the children to think, and write, about what they know so far about the text.

Book Review

A template to help children write a critical review of Striker Boy that can be shared with peers.

Word Search and Crossword

A ready-made word search and crossword puzzle themed around the text.


Pack 2: Emotional Resilience Resources

A range of resources created in collaboration between teachers and mental health professionals, designed to stimulate discussion and deep thinking.


Exploring Feelings

An activity which involves children exploring negative feelings and why ourselves and others could feel this way.

What Makes us Feel Happy?

An activity designed to encourage children to identify key things within their lives which make them feel happy.

Dealing with Negatives

Explore strategies for dealing with negativity and promote deep thinking.

Book sale and assembly pack

Start the day with an emotional resilience themed assembly and end it with a Striker Boy book sale! It’s a fantastic way to support the campaign, we’ll provide everything you need, and it won’t cost you a penny – that’s a winning hat trick!

Jonny Zucker about the author image


The author of Striker Boy, Jonny Zucker, was an educator of the truest form, dedicating his life to improving child literacy. Jonny worked for many years as a primary school teacher before becoming a respected children’s author. Even as an author, he continued to work with thousands of teachers and children across the country to inspire a love of literacy.

As a child Jonny Zucker devoured any stories about football and footballers, and was especially influenced by a book called Goalkeepers are Different by Brian Glanville. He set his heart on being a writer and in particular, writing a novel that combined a football story with a thriller plot. Striker Boy is that book. On the path to becoming a writer Jonny has worked as a primary school teacher, FA qualified football coach and stand up comedian., He was an avid Arsenal fan, and even at 40 he hadn’t quite given up hope of making it as a professional footballer. He lived in North London with his wife Fiona, and their three sons.

Jonny lived with mental health problems for over two decades and sadly took his own life in 2016. Together with his family and the mental health charity Mind we have republished this special not-for-profit edition of Striker Boy. £1.40 from every copy sold is donated to Mind, a registered charity in England.

We loved every second of working with Jonny and we miss him everyday.


If you have any questions about Striker Boy or you want to find out more about what we are doing then we’d love to hear from you.